Cybertech International Assembly Automation

LEAN CELL DESIGN Automation is not only for high volume it is for high quality. By using lean cell design CyberTech can build a system around your semi-manual assembly process to insure that parts are being assembled correctly. Part bases can be locked down to a pallet that can be manually moved from station to station where each assembly process is performed. Our system writes to the RFID tag what has been completed correctly (or incorrectly). Once the part has been completely assembled the pallet is unlocked and the operator can now remove the part and ready it for shipment.
QUALITY Lean cell assembly is more than a series of machine cells. It is a systemized approach to assembling a component in the correct order with tests being performed and verified in that order. No part can make it through the system without step by step process control. This is truly the path to six sigma for parts that have dependance on operator diligence
SAFETY Some processes require light curtains and other safeties to prevent operator injury. Our modular approach provides a platform for these safety systems.
TRACEABILITY RFID tag pallet locking keeps track of the part base and assembled components to create a complete record of what parts were used and to what specs they were assembled to. This gives a complete lot history of the base and all subcomponents. The part can be later queried to the system and compared against all other parts from that same series.
EFFICIENCY A by product of lean cell automation is an organized ergonomic work flow. To design these systems we tap on our vast experience with part flow automation. The operator becomes part of the machine and therefore is engineered into the system. Cells are designed to be worked from one side and loaded from the rear allowing "spiders" to stay out of the way of the assemblers
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